Welcome to CHIRP (Criminal History Information Request Portal)

The Oklahoma Open Records Act was established to ensure the public's right of access to government records. Oklahoma criminal history information is maintained by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), the designated repository for fingerprint-based criminal history information for the state of Oklahoma. The OSBI conducts name-based criminal history searches for the public pursuant to the Oklahoma Open Records Act. OSBI's Criminal History Information Request Portal (CHIRP) gives members of the public the ability to request and retrieve this information online.

In addition to a subject's first and last name, requests for criminal history record information must include a date of birth. CHIRP will search three (3) years before and after the date of birth for possible matches. Additional identifiers such as aliases (i.e. maiden names, previous married names, nicknames) and social security numbers, if known, can be provided for a more thorough search of the OSBI Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Database.

The cost of the Oklahoma name-based criminal history background check is fifteen dollars ($15.00) per search, pursuant to Title 74 § 150.9 (B)(2) . Searches can include up to three (3) alias names at no additional charge.

The Oklahoma Sex Offender (SOR) and Mary Rippy Violent Offender (VOR) databases are maintained by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections (DOC), however, you may request a search of these registries from the OSBI. This service is also available through CHIRP. The fee for SOR and VOR searches is two dollars ($2) per search per registry, pursuant to OSBI Administrative Rule 375:9-1-2. The cost for the two registry searches combined would be four dollars ($4).

Getting started

You must create an account to access CHIRP. Account access is free and you will only be charged for searches you request. Established OSBI billing customers should email CHIRP@osbi.ok.gov to initiate access to CHIRP.

Service Fees

OSBI Criminal History Database Search $15
DOC Sex Offender Registry Search $2
DOC Violent Offender Registry Search $2
Online Convenience Transaction Fee $1

CHIRP users who pay with a credit card or through electronic funds transfer will be charged a single transaction fee regardless of the number of searches conducted within the transaction. Established OSBI customers who bill searches to their organization's account will not be charged a transaction fee. Billing customers will be invoiced monthly for searches conducted in the previous month.

System Availability

You may submit a search request at any time. Searches requiring OSBI Review, including all searches of the Department of Corrections Sex Offender and Violent Offender Registries, will be conducted by OSBI Staff during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, excluding holidays). OSBI's Criminal History Database is sometimes unavailable for system maintenance.

Application Security

You must have cookies turned on to use this application. After 30 minutes of inactivity within CHIRP, your session will timeout and you will be logged out automatically. If you are experiencing difficulties accessing CHIRP, please email chirp@osbi.ok.gov

Customer Agreement

I understand that I am requesting searches of the OSBI's Computerized Criminal History Database and the Department of Corrections' Sex Offender and Violent Offender Registries.

A “search” is one submission with a name, up to three (3) aliases and a date of birth. The search parameters may also include race, gender and/or Social Security Number. Search requests will remain in CHIRP indefinitely, but search results expire after 60 days and will be removed .

Users agree to remit to OSBI a sum of fifteen dollars ($15.00) for every OSBI criminal history search and two dollars ($2.00) for every DOC registry search made through CHIRP. Users shall be liable to OSBI for said fee regardless of any error or omission by the user in submitting searches, failure to act upon or access the results prior to expiration, or, for any unauthorized use by individuals who have been authorized by an established billing customer.

Customers who elect to make their own candidate list determinations have seven (7) days to select a candidate. After 7 days, OSBI will make the determination.

The OSBI provides fingerprint-based arrest and/or conviction data for serious misdemeanors and felonies from the State of Oklahoma only. Un-reported arrests, arrests where fingerprints were not taken or arrests where fingerprints were of insufficient quality are not part of the OSBI criminal history record. CHIRP results do not include criminal history information from other states. OSBI criminal record information is furnished solely on the basis of name or description similarity with the subject of your inquiry.